It Really is “All About the ‘U'”

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For as long as I can recall over my very young life I’ve dreamed of studying marine biology and attending the University of Miami.

Of course, I’ve grown up around the ‘U,’ what with my mother, father and grandfather each having graduated from the school, much less attending all sorts of football and basketball games, as well as the occasional speaker such as Supreme Court Justice Roberts, the Dalai Lama, former President Bill Clinton or others, the place holds a special place in my heart.

For all of these reasons it was a very BIG deal to learn of the school’s Summer Scholar’s Program for high school students, much less to apply and to then be honored to be selected to attend. My time on campus taking two classes in Tropical Marine Biology made for a breathtaking and fast break, month long experience, most certainly a highlight of my life, thus far.

Between classes, labs, field trips, homework and tests, the days (and nights) were very long but the education and experience was priceless. Where else can one spend part of their summer diving coral reefs and sea grass patches, swimming with dolphins and tagging sharks in the wild while learning all sorts of cool things about marine biology? I’d recommend the program to anyone interested and whether it’s about marine bio, medicine, drama, law, engineering or any of the many other areas of study that are offered, it’s a program that I would highly suggest. To learn more about the Summer Scholar’s Program at the University of Miami visit:


Lastly, I’d be remiss to not thank the teachers, CA’s and people who organized and operated the program. Each of you made an amazing impact on me and made the University of Miami shine to the 22 marine biology students  from all over America. Thanks to Dr. Hitchcock and Dr. Merly for your most excellent lectures and leadership, as well as to our wonderful CAs: Aly, Lauren, and Charlie who helped us survive the courses while having a blast along the way!

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As we say around South Florida, ‘It’s All About The U’…Go Canes!