Kids Korner


Whether you are in elementary (or even pre-school), Middle or High School or College, solving the problems our planet and society face from global warming and rising seas will be up to us to solve.

Sea Level Rise is OUR problem and while we might not have created it we must slow the damage that humans have done, and continue to do, to earth.


Click above to download the Sea Level Rise For Children PowerPoint

Here at the Kids Korner you will find all sorts of neat items and ideas meant for kids who want to learn more and get involved. There is a Power Point for young children as well as a more advanced one for teens and young adults that overview sea level rise.


There’s also an interactive comic book for young people to enjoy while learning more. And, of course, who doesn’t love a soft, squishy, polar bear. And soon you will be able to learn more about our book for young adults, Sink or Swim.

Check back to this page, your page, often to learn more and become involved in solving sea level rise in your community. Thanks for caring and sharing!