Amendment 4, Vote YES!


One of my dreams is to see Florida, which is often referred to as The Sunshine State, to become known as The Solar State. This Tuesday in Florida’s primary election, voters will have the opportunity to help our state take one step closer to embracing solar power and moving away from fossil fuel energy dependence. I hope you will join my family in voting YES for Amendment 4 this coming Tuesday, August 30th.

Voting yes for Amendment 4 will help provide tax exemptions for solar power equipment and other renewable energy equipment on one’s home, business, or industrial property tax. If you vote no for this amendment, you will be voting against allowing a tax exemption for renewable energy equipment and there is no reason to do that, so please vote yes.

In Florida for an amendment to be successful, it must win what is called a “super majority,” meaning 60% of the people who vote must vote in favor of the proposed amendment.

The Miami Herald editorial board looked at Amendment 4 and has since advocated that people vote in favor, to vote YES, this coming Tuesday. Here is what the editors had to say about Amendment 4:

“This measure will allow Florida to get closer to realizing the full potential of solar energy. Consumers can trim energy costs; encourage energy independence and tamp down on fossil fuels’ contribution to climate change. Amendment 4 not only would expand the use of clean energy, beneficial for Florida’s singular environment, it would add to the 6,500 solar jobs currently in the state and strengthen the economy while lowering solar consumers’ energy costs. The Miami Herald recommends YES on Amendment 4.”

Florida currently ranks 14th or 15th in its use of solar power here in the United States, yet has the potential to be the 3rd or 4th highest ranked state in solar power production, if only we were to better embrace its widespread use. Experts predict that if Florida were to embrace solar power, we could produce more than 50% of all of our power needs from the sun for free, through solar power, by as soon as 2045. So let’s vote YES on Tuesday for Amendment 4 and take an important step in turning The Sunshine State into The Solar State.

P.S. Click here to see my latest video on solar power and do not forget to vote YES on Amendment 4!

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