98 Degrees


It’s not the type of record that I want to see South Florida set, but it’s inevitable. And it has only just begun. I’m talking, of course, about the records that were broken when Tampa and Leesburg, two cities in Central Florida, broke long time historic records by seeing the thermometer climb to 98 degrees.

June 2020 will most certainly be the hottest month in the history of South Florida and all of this foretells our future. A future of increasingly hotter and unbearable temperatures that cause human health crises, agricultural disasters, more frequent/powerful monster hurricanes and, of course, warmer oceans that are the oven for South Florida’s sea level rise catastrophe.

I have written about temperatures many times (you can find one such blog here) and as I have said before, if one can read a thermometer, you know we have a serious problem. Mitigation, whether raising roads, seawalls or any number of other things that will most certainly be part of South Florida’s future, will never help control our planet’s ever rising temperatures. If we are to ever solve our climate change crisis, it is essential that we gain control of these temperatures before it’s too late.