How About Earth Day Becomes Every Day?

When I was a young child we would celebrate Earth Day at school each year. There would be decorations, Earth-shaped cookies, and special events tailored towards our planet. It was a fun way to celebrate mother nature while learning about our wondrous natural environment.

Somewhere over the last few years, perhaps when I was nearing the end of High School or more recently while in college, Earth Day has evolved into Earth Week. Major corporations and media outlets now create a variety programs to celebrate our environment while bringing awareness to a range of important topics such as water degradation, plastic pollution in our oceans, and many more, of course including our climate crisis.


Where five years ago as a High School Freshman I was asked to speak on Earth Day at our local zoo, this week I have spent nearly every day making a presentation, giving a speech or doing one thing or another for folks celebrating Earth Week. I have, for example, given the keynote speech for the Climate Innovation Challenge from CAVU, as well as acted as a judge for the competition; spoke at World Creativity and Innovation Day/Week for the United Nations twice; participated in a panel discussion for the University of Miami Student Government ECO Board; been interviewed by my college radio station (WVUM), NBC Universal, and more.

Showcase MCThe evolution to Earth Week is glorious but it’s not enough. Not nearly so. If we are ever going to actually, truly change things for the better in a lasting way it will require everyone on earth living their lives with our natural environment in their hearts and on their minds every day of the year. That’s a big goal but I believe that it’s possible based on how far we’ve come in just a few years of my own life and how serious youth in my generation are about protecting our natural environment. If we can just add the other 51 weeks of the year, every year, then I am confident we can protect this special place we call home for future generations.

So, what do you say? How about every day becomes Earth Day by 2030 if not sooner? Mother Nature needs our help and I know you can do it!

Happy Earth Day (Week) and soon to be Year everyone!