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WE DID IT!!!': Astronauts, proud Americans share their reactions ...

Congrats to the brave astronauts who blasted off from Florida today and that are headed towards the International Space Station in the first American launch in nearly ten years and our very first ever public/private manned flight. It was breathtaking to watch and inspiring to think about the fact that during my lifetime men and women will very likely land on Mars. Talk about a BIG day for science and for all of the good that humanity represents when we work together to accomplish something that’s bigger than any one of us or any one country is by itself. Bravo NASA and SpaceX.

Photos: Riots erupt in Minneapolis, other cities over death of ...

Back here on earth, sadly, we continue to learn that reality is not the same thing as reality television. On television one can gain fame with a silly phrase such as “you’re fired” but causes a deeply divided nation to slip ever deeper into darkness when our supposed leader Tweets “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” It’s hard to imagine that a supposedly grown man in his 70’s would be so callous towards a suffering nation, much less need Twitter to make clear that such stupid comments only make things worse.

And speaking of making things worse, as wonderful as the launch was, it was terribly disappointing to watch the President and Vice President standing shoulder to shoulder, a mask or social distancing nowhere to be found, despite a deadly public health crisis raging all around us that has seen millions become sick, more than 100,000 American’s die and 40 Million people unemployed. It’s as if these supposed leaders don’t realize, or care, about reality and that what they do and say has an impact on our country and citizens.

How else can you explain a President who is threatening and mocking North Carolina’s Governor over whether or not the Republican Party will host it’s 2020 Convention in that state unless state public health officials allow them to pack 20,000 people into the convention? Who in their right mind would suggest that such a thing is a good idea in the midst of COVID-19 when every state and local agency, school district, and businesses both private and public struggle to implement social distancing policies to protect everyone and keep them a reasonable distance apart? And what’s their solution? Announce America’s departure from the World Health Organization in the midst of a health crisis. Brilliant.

America and the world deserve better than what our elected leaders in Washing are offering. We need new leaders and we need new ideas, a new direction. The George Floyd riots make it clear just how rightfully upset people are over the injustice of his death, but I also suspect that this uprising is at least somewhat related to people’s frustration with the direction of America in so many ways. And do you blame them (us)? By the day, our leaders are increasingly disconnected from reality and the sooner our country rises up in mass to demand better of ourselves, the better.

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It’s an incredibly exciting day in Florida today and one that’s filled with hope for the future as two historic voyages take important steps in journies that hold the promise to change our world for the better for generations to come. I do hope that you will come along for the ride.

Near 4:30 pm EST this afternoon two brave astronauts plan to blast off into space from Florida soil for the first time in nearly a decade as they depart on a mission to the International Space Station as a first step in America’s quest to travel to Mars. In a historic public/private business partnership with America’s space agency (NASA), Elon Musk’s SpaceX will send two brave astronauts on a scientific mission that holds the promise of mankind’s future dreams of discovery and inspiration.

FL Webinar

And speaking of historic milestones in the making, back here on earth today at 12 pm EST seven brave young friends of mine and I will participate in a webinar along with our lawyers that’s being hosted by The Invading Sea to discuss the constitutional climate change lawsuit we filed in April 2018. In today’s webinar we will talk about the fact that we will finally have our first day in an actual court on June 1st at 1:15 PM when the Honorable Kevin J. Carroll, Circuit Court Judge, considers the state’s Motion to Dismiss our case as well as our response to the State at the Leon County Courthouse in Tallahassee.

During today’s webinar we will also participate in a Q&A with co-host The Invading Sea, a news and editorial collaborative on climate change. We plan to answer your questions about the constitutional foundation of our case, the experiences my friends and I as plaintiffs have had that led us, a bunch of kids, to file the lawsuit, and what we are asking the court to do and why.

Our core complaint centers on the fact that the State of Florida is violating our constitutional rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness, by allowing harm to take place to constitutionally protected, essential public trust resources. I can tell you that we feel more strongly about those allegations today than ever before. My friends and I are desperately afraid that without material action by our government to enforce its laws and protect us that special places that we love (that you love) and cherish all over Florida will be lost forever.

To join today’s webinar please visit: To learn more about Reynolds v. State of Florida, please visit the Our Children’s Trust website here: and to submit any questions you might want addressed during today’s webinar please send them to:

Yes, it’s a historic time for science here in Florida. The countdown has begun for America to return to space, including one day visiting Mars, while a countdown focused on protecting our precious environment’s future back here on earth prepares for an important next step. It’s history in the making and the stakes are ultra-high in both cases. I do hope that you will join my friends and I on today’s webinar, as well as for next week’s hearing (stay tuned for the public link so you can watch!) and, until then, wish Godspeed to our brave astronauts and everyone at NASA and SpaceX in support of their mission.