Teens Get It

Adults often ask me what teens think about climate change. They are curious about young people’s level of interest, knowledge or concern and with these things in mind I am pleased to share an unedited look at what nearly a dozen local teens think about an issue that will define their time here on earth: our climate change crisis.

Last week I was honored to speak to the entire student body at North Miami’s Cushman High School as part of their Society And Me curriculum. Every Cushman student is required to participate in the Society And Me (SAM) course each year and the goal is to encourage students to learn about a societal challenge, to become involved in their chosen topic and to propose sensible solutions. It’s very much like the Agents of Change class that I took at Palmer Trinity in 10th Grade that led me to create The Sink or Swim Project.

The Cushman students were incredibly engaged and had dozens of very insightful questions during our Q&A session after my talk, but my favorite part of the day was getting together with the school’s GenCLEO Club after the presentation and just chatting. If you ever needed further proof that “Kids (or in this case Teens) Get It” and are both concerned with and want to solve our climate change crisis, take a few minutes out of your day to watch these incredible South Florida students in the following video: