A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

As the esteemed Caroline Lewis, founder of The CLEO Institute, said as she looked out over the massive crowd of young people attending today’s Climate Strike in Miami Beach, “we are going to need a bigger tent for all the people.” Mrs. Lewis has been on the vanguard of the climate change movement for at least a decade and, like myself, has rarely, if ever seen such a large, young and enthusastic crowd as was the case at Miami Beach City Hall, a community that is at risk of extinction from climate change.

Children from all over South Florida, public and private schools, those from schools that excused their absences and those from schools that did not, were in unison in demanding that adults in leadership positions, whether private industry or public office, take action to eliminate fossil fuels from our society.

And it was breathtaking to see.

With the old phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” along with a brief video, I hope you will find inspiration in the faces and messages from people from all over South Florida.

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On Sunday I’m off to Tallahassee to continue fighting for our climate, but I’ll be traveling with the hope that I saw in the faces of young people at today’s strike. I have no doubt that the children here in South Florida and the millions that gathered around the globe today are up to the task of changing the polluted politics and solving our climate change crisis.