Peace on Earth & Good Will To Each of You

On this, the eve of one of the holiest days of the year amidst one of the most consequential years in history, allow me to wish you and your loved ones the gifts of health, safety, and happiness.

In the spirit of the holiday I am pleased to also share another gift in the form of a post from my dear friend Dick Jacobs and his lovely bride Joan, as well as Pete the Polar Bear.

Pete the Polar Bear

Pondering Pete Polar Bear

T’was the Night Before Christmas; Santa was not amused. His reindeers’ runway, once ice, was all puddles; it could no longer be used.

The North Pole’s ice was melting – it could not be a worst plight. Santa’s workshop that topped it sank fast, then clear out of sight.

Santa’s elves saw it coming, worked night and day – Christmas toys now stacked on an iceberg in Santa’s old sleigh.

Santa was thankful but his problem’s quite clear. How does he take off with eight tiny reindeer?

For the reindeer need a runway to speed to the sky. Trapped on a tiny iceberg, how could they fly?

Pete Polar Bear saw it all and knew it was bad. But it’s the time for solutions, not to mope or be sad.

Pete had a strong heart, a big brain in his head. His mission was simple: launch Santa, launch Santa’s sled.

Pete was tough, a good swimmer for sure. He jumped in the bay; he knew he’d endure. 

Rudolph’s smile was big, his nose a bright red, guiding Pete to the iceberg and Santa’s trapped sled. 

Santa threw Pete a line, both held on tight. Pete turned to the wind and swam with all of his might. 

The iceberg stuttered but soon picked up speed. In the face of the breeze, Santa muttered, he had the lift he would need.

So Santa shouted and called them by name:

“Now Dasher!
Now Dancer!
Now, Prancer and Vixen!
On Comet!
On Cupid!
On Donner and Blitzen!
To the top of the ice!
To the top of the ice wall!
Now dash away!
Dash Away!
Dash away all!!!”

Pete took a deep breath, the iceberg floating by. He climbed its steep banks, his eyes to the sky.

Santa’s sleigh’s in full flight, a sight to behold. But Pete pondered, would Christmas always be ice-cold?

For if not, we all have to worry. Not only about Santa or Pete or all who are furry.

We’re in this together, Pete, you and me. We take care of each other or we sink in the sea.

Yes, some understand, yes, some really care. Like our young, championed by Our Children’s Trust, whose mission we share.

But Santa’s plight tells us that among us old, the care’s still too rare, it’s not centerfold. 

So, our New Year’s mission is clear: it’s about Santa’s plight, it’s about caring for our Earth so we don’t sink out of sight. 

That’s a mission we can no longer ignore, though we’ve been shortsighted, we’ve ignored it before.

In 2021, let’s pitch in, let’s care for our Earth and all that is dear. 

Let’s be thankful for Pete, for each other, and be of good cheer!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Pondering Pete Polar Bear &
Joan and Dick Jacobs

To learn more about Dick, his work, and his global travels, please visit The Global Naturalist.

Peace on Earth and a Happy Holidays to all.

Dancing in the Street

It’s just an invitation across the nation
A chance for folks to meet
There’ll be laughing, singing, music swinging
Dancing in the street

Dancing in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas

AP Election Map

On November 7th, 2020 mere minutes after media sources across the nation declared former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris the United States’ 2020 President and Vice President Elect, freedom rang in Downtown Miami.

A party, equipped with social distancing and masks on every face, erupted outside of the Freedom Tower. Hundreds of people gathered to blast music, dance and sing, honk their car horns, and wave their American flags high in the air in celebration of a future of decency, positive progress, protective rights, health and safety, and, yes, long-awaited serious climate action.

Please enjoy some of the photos that I took while dancing in the streets amid the euphoric crowd of my fellow Americans:

IMG_3712 IMG_3723 IMG_3701
IMG_3706 IMG_3741 IMG_3720
IMG_3699 IMG_3726 IMG_2439

Now It’s Your Turn


I’ve done all I can, now it’s your turn.

Today’s your BIG Day!

I’ve not only already voted but over the last year and especially the last few months I’ve written more blogs, appeared on more panels, and given more speeches and other forms of engagement via Zoom than I can count. The hours, in some cases, days of preparation is all worthwhile if it helps motivate our country to take action by voting and electing political leaders who care about the environment as passionately as you and I do.

But now it’s your turn.

In the event you were not part of the amazing record breaking (shattering!) number of Americans that voted early this year or, for that matter, that voted by mail-in ballot in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s your day.

Today’s the day you need to please get up and out to the polls and V O T E.

As an American it is our right, our privilege, and, yes, our democratic honor to vote and never has it been more important that you exercise your rights. No matter what it takes, I am asking you, your friends, and your family to safely go to the polls and vote. Don’t suffer in silence or think your vote and voice does not matter. Your vote very much matters and you have a critically important role to play. In fact, what you think not only matters, but your view and vote will help shape the future of our country perhaps forever.

It’s that important.


Your BIG Day.

So please vote.

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