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Of Course They Knew

We owe thanks to Jelmer Mommers, a Dutch journalist who has uncovered Shell Oil Company reports dating to the 1980’s that prove that this global fossil fuel petrol company has known for many decades that their products are destroying our planet, warming its climate and causing seas to rise.

Screenshot (62)

From Shell’s 1988 report aptly entitled “The Greenhouse Effect”:

“by the time global warming becomes detectable it could be too late to take effective countermeasures to reduce the effects or even to stabilize the situation.”

They knew.

Shell concluded that as of 1988 their company was generating 4% of world-wide carbon-dioxide emissions from the products it produces: oil, natural gas and coal.

They knew.

And as has happened, the 1988 report, which can be found here, correctly predicted that by the late 20th or early 21st century scientists would be able to conclude that our climate’s severe warming was, you guessed it, caused by these products and the carbon dioxide they emit into our atmosphere and oceans.

And what did they do armed with “The Greenhouse Effect report”? They covered it up, of course. For another decade they were a member of something called the Global Climate Coalition, a trade group whose purpose was to deceive the public by producing propaganda that attempted to question or discredit the scientific truth, the truth that their own experts had provided to their company leadership in that 1988 report. Talk about crimes against humanity.

They knew.

Their own report concluded that as of 1981, 99% of carbon-dioxide emitted into our atmosphere came from the products that Shell and their competitors produce. From their own report:

44% of carbon-dioxide emissions came from oil,

38% from coal and

17% from natural gas.

Their report also includes an analysis about the impact of a warming climate including sea level rise, acidification and the impact of rising temperatures on people including how this will force us to migrate to other places as our environment is destroyed by their products. It even suggests strategies to deal with the problem including a recommendation that they take political action as soon as possible and not wait for more people to see more obvious changes in our climate such as those they predicted would be apparent (and is now evident) in the decades after the report.

They knew.

In fact, they have all known for decades that the products they make and humans pay for and use are destroying earth’s environment and warming our climate to catastrophic levels. And one can conclude that they covered it up time and time and time again because it’s bad for business to have the public know you are destroying the only planet we have, and along with that our children’s future.

And when I say “they” I don’t, of course, mean only Shell (Royal Dutch Shell) but every large and small oil company and nation including EXXON, Chevron, Valero, Marathon, Conoco, BP and every other maker and distributor of fossil fuel products. Saudi’s Aramco, China’s Sinopec, National Petro Corp and Petro China, Brazil’s Petrobras and on and on.

Every car manufacturer knows the truth too and yet they are successfully lobbying our President and his EPA Director RIGHT NOW to relax emissions rules so they can keep selling the products that emit the pollution for as long as possible.

And every utility company knows too. They can run all of the “slick” ads they like about how low their rates are or how much they love solar but they are not being honest with you. As I have mentioned here before, our own local utility, FP&L, produces less than half of 1% of its energy from solar and that’s because they would rather use coal, natural gas and nuclear energy over the last nearly 100 years they’ve been in business instead of robustly investing in sustainable solutions like the widespread use of solar power.

And you know who else knows and actively plays along in the cover-up and lying game? Politicians such as Florida’s Governor Rick Scott, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, EPA Director Scott Pruitt, and, of course, U.S. President Donald Trump. They and the others that protect and perpetuate the fossil fuel firms like Shell and the products that emit the pollution, the established utilities, car makers and the rest, all know.

Of course they knew, they all did. “The Greenhouse Effect” report only adds to the growing pile of irrefutable scientific evidence and facts that prove carbon-dioxide from fossil fuel products has most certainly caused our global climate crisis. Anyone that suggests otherwise, that these products are not warming our planet to disastrous levels, is wasting our time. Time we simply don’t have to waste.

The question is now that we know, what are the rest of us going to do to fix the problem before it’s too late?

To learn more about “The Greenhouse Effect” please click here for an excellent article from The Washington Post by Steven Mufson and Chris Mooney.   

Common Sense & Common Threads

This is horrifically hard.

The pain hits close to home because it is so close to my actual home and because the issues go to the core of who we are, or aspire to be, as a society and a nation.

I am talking about gun violence but I am also talking about the common threads between those who enable the killers, while acting as if the rest of us can’t see them or don’t care.

What happened one month ago is terribly tragic. Beyond my comprehension tragic. Kids are not supposed to die, much less be slaughtered because the adults who are in charge decide to place politics and political favors ahead of common sense and decency. We all deserve better and should all be ashamed of what has happened and that not nearly enough adults used their vote or voices or common sense to have prevented this in the first place (and the second and the third and on and on the killing goes without the adults in charge putting a stop to this and putting the politics aside).

While I am distraught over what took place, I am incredibly inspired by the children and the families that sadly suffer unimaginable pain following the recent mass shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, less than an hour from my home.  Neither the tears that I have shed, nor words, can express how I hurt watching their pain, nor how angry I am over them having been placed in this position in the first place.

But I am also proud that so many young people have found their voices.

And of what they have accomplished with their voices in just one month’s time.

Much is wrong here in America, the America that those incredible students and I will soon lead, but their passion gives me hope that together we can fix what those before us have broken.

To be clear, I can’t possibly compare my concerns for our environment from our global climate change crisis to the murder of 17 innocent people. What I can say is that the same approach, the common thread, to politics and protecting special interest even when it’s illogical and that allows weapons of war to be readily available all over America has been forced upon our environment for decades as a result of an appalling lack of common sense.

This is an AK-15 assault rifle:

AK-15 describes the AK-15 as follows: ‘The AK-15 is a new Russian assault rifle. It was developed under the Ratnik future infantrymen programme. The AK-15 is mainly aimed at elite units of the Russian military and law enforcement forces, as well as possible export customers. The AK-15 has a cyclic rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute.’

This is a musket of the type that was common in the United States when the Constitution was written in 1787:


I don’t own a gun but common sense would tell me that our founding fathers did not have an AK-15 or other such weapons in mind when they wrote the Constitution in 1787. As a 2016 article in the Washington Post explained following the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando: They had something much different in mind when they drafted the Second Amendment. The typical firearms of the day were muskets and flintlock pistols. They could hold a single round at a time, and a skilled shooter could hope to get off three or possibly four rounds in a minute of firing. By all accounts they were not particularly accurate either.” 

An AK-15 and other such weapons of war have no place in our civilian society and to twist the Constitution into suggesting that limiting their distribution to military and police would somehow harm our great nation or our freedoms insults anyone with a reasonable level of common sense. To have them so openly available makes me furious.

But before we think that all we need to do is ask our leaders to apply common sense to banning these weapons, think again. Consider the third grade baseball team in Missouri that’s raising money by raffling off (I am not making this up) an AK-15?  Or, speaking of Missouri, consider Republican Congressional Candidate Tyler Tannahill who just before the Parkland shooting announced his own fundraiser replete with, you guessed it, an AK-15 giveaway (and after the shooting announced he would not cancel the giveaway).

As is the case with oil companies, coal miners, utilities and others that pump carbon into our atmosphere, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is expert at raising money, donating it to people in exchange for votes and protection, as well as public relations. How else to explain a President who is open to an AK-15 ban one day and who so totally changes his message the next following a visit by the NRA who then tweets:

Screenshot (34)

“…and don’t want gun control”?

And how else can you explain how easily and quickly the NRA was able to meet with the President and Vice President? Do most of us have such quick access to the Oval Office (or any)? No, of course not, and that’s because we don’t donate the kind of money that the polluters, the NRA and others like them, pay and pump into our political process to politicians directly, the PAC’s that support them or the advertising that touts them.

Anyone with a brain (or a heart) should want these assault rifles banned just as anyone should understand that coal and fossil fuels have been killing our planet for decades. But when these big businesses and their protective associations and trade groups hear of anyone in a leadership position, or seeking such a position, talking about reasonable limitations they swoop in and flex their wallets and political muscle by threatening to demean and defeat those that want common sense solutions. In the case of gun violence, they expertly change the discussion away from guns by suggesting that the only problem is ‘mental illness’ or ‘first responder mistakes’ or anything other than suggesting that, just maybe, these military grade weapons and their rapid fire enabling accessories should be outlawed.

Should we accept the NRA’s preferred solutions of arming teachers or turning our schools into prisons by surrounding them with walls rather than applying common sense? Of course the NRA would favor arming teachers, a move that would sell more guns (a lot more guns) and would give school children a role model on their campuses to look up to, one with a gun on their hip or in their purse, which would lead some of those kids to want to emulate them and in doing so further expand the NRA’s mission.

What’s also interesting and alarming is that the NRA’s approach is straight out of the same ‘playbook’ used by oil companies, coal producers, utilities and, a generation ago, big tobacco: try to discredit those who oppose you or that suggest that the proposed solutions or science are wrong by attacking them on social and in mass media and anywhere else while hoping that people will soon forget the true cause of the killing or the pollution; that’s another common thread between guns and pollution.

Have we forgotten that just six months ago 58  people were murdered in Las Vegas by a 64 year old man with no known history of mental illness who used 14 AR-15 semi-automatic rifles fitted with ‘bump fire stocks’ that allowed him to fire 90 rounds of ammunition every 10 seconds?  Florida’s new gun laws, laws which the NRA immediately sued to stop, would not have stopped that man from buying those semi-automatic weapons, nor the devices to make them even more lethal.

And you know what else?

Not only is the ‘playbook’ the same but so too are the players themselves and that’s not a coincidence. Climate deniers such as Florida Senator Rubio, Florida Governor Rick Scott and, of course, President Trump and Vice President Pence, are all on board with the NRA narrative as is the Republican Party as a whole. And when it comes to gun violence, much less carbon pollution, the fact that the players, the people themselves, are so often the same is perhaps the most glaring common thread of them all.

Common sense says that an NRA “top rated” Governor should not outlaw the use of phrases such as ‘climate change’, ‘global warming’ and ‘sea level rise’ by his Administration as if they are not real issues in his state at a time when communities all over Florida are forced to begin addressing this problem by spending hundreds of millions of dollars that will soon evolve into billions and, one day, trillions.

Yet, that’s exactly what has long been happening here in Florida by Governor Scott when what we should be doing is shifting our economy to sustainable solutions and the jobs that come with them as if our state’s future depends on it while we can still have an impact on solving the problem.

And our local U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio, a man to whom the NRA has contributed more than $3,000,000 to support was honest about who he is ‘protecting’ when he recently told a national audience on CNN that he will not stop taking NRA money. He’s also been honest about his view that despite scientific evidence all over his state that confirms the growing impact of climate change and sea rise he continues to suggest it’s not real.

And of course there’s the biggest Common Thread of them all, a President that advocates more drilling in our coastal waters, the expansion of coal mining and the dismantling of environmental protections from coast to coast clearly has no common sense about our future so why would we be surprised by his ludicrous suggestion that the solution to school violence is to arm every teacher. Seriously? WTF?

Thankfully, out of this tragedy has come the powerful and passionate voice of children. Teens who are not polluted by politics and are full of hope and, believe it or not, a lot more common sense than many of the adults that other adults have elected to public office.

And while some adults such as Representative Elizabeth Porter, whose appalling speech in the Florida Legislature against these passionate kids from Parkland should lead to her impeachment for displaying such disrespect to so many, it also helps to publicly illustrate how misplaced these common threaded people are in their thinking.

Those kids, and millions of other children all over America, should be embraced for their ideas and should be engaged to become involved in the political process as early in their life as possible because it’s pretty clear to me that many of those who are in charge right now could use our help, much less a dose of our unpolluted common sense.

Machine guns have NO place in our civilian society any more than do products that are pumping pollution into our atmosphere and oceans every day and the sooner we demand that our leaders apply common sense to both problems and cut the common threads between these threats, the better.


9½ Minutes

FullSizeRender (1)

Want to quickly learn about climate change politics? All you needed to do was watch last week’s Presidential debates from Miami and consider a few numbers:


That’s the number of Presidential debates held in Miami this week. One for the Democrats at Miami Dade College and one for the Republicans at the University of Miami.


The total number of hours the candidates debated here in Miami, two hours at each debate for each party.


The number of candidates still running for President and participating in the debates. Within this number, here’s another; Four, that’s the number of candidates that actually addressed climate change and sea level rise (meaning two, Trump and Cruz were never asked about, nor mentioned the topic).


The total number of questions the media had for the candidates between the two nights on climate change and sea level rise. One each night.

10:30 PM

The approximate time at which the moderators brought up climate change and sea rise and within that number, here’s another; 1½ hours, that’s how far into a two hour debate it took before the candidates were asked about this topic each night.


Nine and half minutes.

That is the total amount of time that the candidates and mass media devoted to this critical topic during both debates while here in Miami. Nine and a half minutes on an issue that will define my generation’s time on the planet.

At 10:27 PM the Democrats were asked about climate change and discussed it until 10:32, for five minutes. Senator Rubio was asked about the topic in the Republican debate around 10:30 PM and he and Govenor Kasich spent four and a half minutes sharing their views.

Since the debates, some have expressed being pleased that the moderators even asked about the topic and that some of the candidates talked about it. I don’t see it that way, I feel as if the moderators, Univision and CNN, let our community and country down by not asking more, by not pressing each candidate into sharing their views and discussing the topics in more depth.

The topic also deserved far more time, especially given where the debates were located. We know, and knew, that both Democrats support change, Sanders being very aggressive about what must happen; Clinton seeming more moderate in her views.

I learned that Kasich is open minded and wants, he said, to embrace alternatives including solar power. Rubio was, once again, a terrible disapointment. A total Fail as my friends and I would say. I could write an entire blog about how disapointed I was over his scripted answers and lack of leadership and, although I can’t yet vote, I can say that he will never, ever, receive a vote from me in the future and that the sooner we replace the man as our Senator with someone of substance, the better.

Whoever each party nominates, the candidates and media will be back in Florida before the election in November. And when that happens we must demand that the media and each candidate deeply discuss their views on global warming, climate change and sea level rise.

If we have any doubt that rising seas are a problem in our community, click here to see an article from today’s Miami Herald about the emergency measures that the City of Miami Beach is making because of this growing problem. And if you have any doubts that this is a global problem, click here to read an article about how Alaskan kayak tour outfitters are worried that the glaciers that they guide visitors to see will be gone within just a couple of years.

Now, allow me to end with a few more numbers…


The hottest year on record in 136 years of data.


The year in which it is predicted that seas may have risen by as much as 2 to 3 feet.


The year in which it is predicted that seas could rise anywhere between 6 and 10 feet, if not higher.

It’s time to get started solving the problem and the next American President needs to help us (please) lead the way. Spending more than a few minutes on the topic in coming debates and months would be a good way to start. We and our planet deserve more than the 9½ minutes they collectively spent on it this week. Our country deserves nothing less and our planet, as well as my generation, demand it.

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